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Mineral Salts with Honey Suckle Oil



Mineral salts with honey suckle oil in a glass jar.

Salts opens the pores, purify the skin, cleaning away dirt, sweat, & toxins.
They aid in dry skin, making the skin softer & supple. Helps improves common irritations, insect bites, & calluses.

This is a skin detoxification formula that will extract the toxins, dust and pollutants out of the skin. It is formed by a mixture of natural mineral salts with natural essential oil of honey suckle. Enjoy the relaxing and body softening effect of the mineral salts and indulge in the honey suckle aroma in your bath.

Repeat it once weekly at least to maintain a healthy radiant skin.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and essential oil of honey suckle.


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Weight 450 g


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